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"Eduard Imhof - Cartographer and Artist"

A product of the Map Library of the ETH-Bibliothek of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich.
Realized by Katrin Turconi and Viola Imhof under the coordination of Jürg Bühler.
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Eduard Imhof (1895-1986) was professor of cartography at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich from 1925 - 1965. His fame far beyond the Institute of Technology was based on his school maps and atlases. In 1995 it was 100 years since his birthday. On this occasion several exhibitions celebrated his life and work, among others in Zurich, Bern, Bad Ragaz, Küsnacht/ZH, Barcelona, Karlsruhe and Berlin. The last such exhibition took place in summer 1997 in the Graphische Sammlung of the ETH. There it was possible to show a large number of maps and pictures in the original. At the conclusion of the exhibition Imhof's family bequested his original works to the ETH-Bibliothek Zurich. Mrs. Viola Imhof, the widow of Eduard Imhof, being very much attached to his work, had a major part in making it accessible to the public.

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On the following pages a selection of the works of Eduard Imhof is shown, divided into twelve chapters

  1. Childhood, Youth and Student Days at the ETH - Talents Detected Early
  2. Panoramas - Highly Valued Views from the Alps
  3. Bird's-Eye Views - Between Picture and Map
  4. School Maps and Others - From Theory to Cartographic Practice
  5. Imhof's school atlases: Schweizerischer Mittelschulatlas (Atlas for Swiss high schools) and Schweizerischer Sekundarschulatlas
    (Atlas for Swiss primary schools)
  6. Expedition to the Minya Konka in Chinese Tibet 1930 - Surveying an Undiscovered Area
  7. Mountain Reliefs - Impressive, Detailed Sculptures in Three-Dimensional Space
  8. Atlas of Switzerland (Atlas der Schweiz) - a Diversified View of Our Country
  9. Drawings and Watercolors - Imhof as an Artist and Painter
  10. Imhof's Last Work: Relief of Switzerland: Painting of a Map (Relief der Schweiz, ein Kartengemälde)
  11. Curriculum Vitae of Eduard Imhof
  12. List of Eduard Imhof's Works with Call Numbers of the ETH-Bibliothek Zürich (Library of the Federal Institute of Technology) and the Zentralbibliothek Zürich

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